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Exception handling in Ruby and life

*** WATSON ERROR *** Image Analyzer error Error: , Code: , Information: {"images"=>[{"source_url"=>"http://localhost:3000/artwork/artists/threecee/images/technoMask.png", "resolved_url"=>"http://localhost:3000/artwork/artists/threecee/images/technoMask.png", "error"=>{"code"=>400, "description"=>"URL Fetcher error: Could not fetch URL: Disallowed Hostname specified", "error_id"=>"input_error"}}], "images_processed"=>1}, X-dp-watson-tran-id: 79774ff5-3c6a-4661-894b-e101551ce9bd, X-global-transaction-id: 79774ff5-3c6a-4661-894b-e101551ce9bd
response = SomeApiThatWillThrowAnErrorSometimes(args)
rescue StandardError => error
puts "Hey! Something went sideways: #{error.message}"
return error

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